Scope of Activities

As a fully qualified translator, I offer precise, quality translation and terminology services:

  • specialised translations
  • proof-reading and revision
  • compiling glossaries and terminology bases
  • writing tips


At ease with both technical and editorial texts, I am able to translate all your business documents, whether reports, manuals, catalogues, press releases or even brochures.

In compliance with the SFT Code of Professional Conduct, to guarantee the utmost in quality I translate your documents:

  • from English into French only
  • in fields of which I have excellent knowledge

Main specialist fields:

  • Botany
  • Gardens (design and layout, equipment)
  • Horticulture (and general plant husbandry, commerce)
  • Landscaping and natural areas
  • Biodiversity and plant ecology
  • Cultural tourism (garden art)
  • Ecotourism


Your brand image very much depends on the quality of the texts depicting your business. In order to ensure the best possible quality, I refrain from translating into a foreing language, simply into my mother tongue and only within my areas of competence. In this manner, you are guaranteed a well-written translation, faithful to its source text.

Through my training, I have learnt to award great importance to ensuring compliance with the terminology and wording of your business sector and your company. Indeed, I take the necessary time to study your existing documents in order to adopt the terminology specific to your sector. Moreover, if you were to indicate the in-house usage of your specific terminology, I would be able to compile a glossary that could be use for subsequent translations and would ensure consistency across all your documents.

My target: to provide you with a French version, edited with care in every minor detail and which can be read as though an original version and not as a translation.

For other areas of expertise, or for other language combinations beyond my competence, I will recommend a trustworthy colleague capable of satisfying your needs.  Knowing how to say “no” to a job requiring skills beyond one’s ability is a strength to be applauded.  For me, it is a question of reputation; for you, it is the guarantee of entrusting your documents to a specialist provider.

Professional Ethics

A service provider who fosters transparency: clear indication at the outset of the necessary information and documents, the cost and the deadlines. Together, we study your time constraints and agree on the period required to perform quality work.

As a qualified translator, I ensure that I am always able to meet the conditions allowing me to carry out an excellent job. I am committed to abiding by the rules of ethics of the profession and to working according to the professional standards, namely:

  • translating into the mother tongue of the translator
  • necessary knowledge and competency within the project field
  • document research to enable full understanding and due transposition of the documents to be translated
  • constant updating and improving of knowledge and skills
  • quality work within reasonable and realistic turn-around times
  • compliance with deadlines

To end, just like all freelance workers, I am bound by the trade secrecy code. Your documents are thus handled in all confidentiality.


For me, it’s a question of credibility, for you it’s the guarantee of entrusting your documents to a truly specialist service provider.


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